Todd Sanders

Fluent in Tech, Versed in Victory



Todd is a specialized generalist in Business and Technology Operations, renowned for his expansive knowledge and the ability to devise elegant solutions to intricate problems efficiently and cost-effectively. His notable record across varied industries and business scales reflects his proficiency in integrating technology with business. His enduring passion for this synergy has fueled a remarkable career, positioning him as a vanguard in his field.

Since 1995, Todd has spearheaded diverse projects spanning Space, Oceans, Solar, Video Streaming, Cyber Security, Robotics, Pharmaceutical industries, as well as State and Local Government and Political Campaigns.

An adept leader and team player, Todd thrives on building and managing teams of varying sizes, demonstrating a unique prowess in understanding business needs and translating them into clear technical requirements. His aptitude for creative problem-solving, accompanied by an incessant thirst for learning and unyielding drive for success, allows him to navigate the complex world of technology with ease.

Self-motivated and adaptable, Todd can effectively function independently or collaborate within a team environment. With an innate talent for communication, he simplifies complex technical concepts for non-technical audiences, making him an indispensable asset in any project. As a lifelong learner, Todd remains open to new challenges and opportunities, perpetually seeking avenues for personal and professional growth.

Business Areas of Expertise

Todd's core areas of expertise are broad and multi-faceted, further enhancing his skill set in the tech-business intersection. These include:

  • Technology Audit: Todd possesses in-depth knowledge of conducting comprehensive technology audits. His expertise enables organizations to evaluate their current IT systems, identify potential risks, and implement effective solutions, ensuring smooth operations and strategic alignment of technology with business goals.
  • Business Process Review: With a strategic mind, Todd excels in business process review, critically analyzing and identifying areas for improvement in existing processes. His knack for optimizing operations aids businesses in enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and elevating overall performance.
  • Startup Consulting: Todd brings valuable insights and guidance to startups, providing them with critical consulting services. With his strong foundation in both tech and business, Todd assists budding entrepreneurs in turning innovative ideas into successful ventures, advising on business planning, technology application, and market strategy.
  • Political Consulting: Todd brings his strategic expertise to the realm of politics, offering advisory services to state and national campaigns. His consultancy work extends from devising robust strategies for campaigns to working with businesses in rallying support for legislation. His broad understanding of political systems also allows him to provide crucial advice to state agencies and associations. With his combination of business acumen and understanding of political dynamics, Todd's consultancy can prove pivotal in the political arena.

Always ready to take on new challenges, Todd's expertise contributes to the successful operational and strategic management of businesses across different sectors.

Technology Areas of Expertise

Todd's proficiency also extends to specific technology domains, where his practical and theoretical knowledge significantly shines:

  • Hardware/Software Security Audits: As a security-conscious professional, Todd performs thorough hardware and software security audits. His analytical approach helps to detect vulnerabilities and potential threats, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of systems.
  • Sensor Integration: Todd's knowledge in sensor integration is unparalleled. He is experienced in developing and implementing systems that optimize the use of sensors, enabling organizations to gather and process valuable data, and augmenting overall operational efficiency.
  • Proof of Concept Engineering: Todd's practical mindset aids in the successful demonstration of Proof of Concept (PoC) engineering. This capability allows him to help businesses validate their ideas and solutions in real-world scenarios before full-scale implementation.
  • Software/Mobile App/Web Development: Todd shines in software, mobile app, and web development. His comprehensive expertise encompasses the full development lifecycle, from the initial concept to final deployment. This allows him to create user-centric, efficient, and effective solutions, whether it's for a desktop application, mobile app, or a dynamic website. Todd's extensive knowledge in these areas ensures a holistic approach to development, resulting in robust digital platforms that enhance user experience and meet business objectives.
  • Video Production and Streaming: With a solid understanding of modern multimedia technologies, Todd specializes in video production and streaming. He is adept at harnessing the power of digital media, creating compelling content, and delivering seamless streaming experiences.

These technological proficiencies, combined with his business acumen, allow Todd to provide comprehensive solutions to complex problems, driving progress and innovation in any given project.


In essence, Todd is a specialized generalist who shines in both Technology and Business Operations. His proficiency extends to a wide spectrum of areas including technology auditing, business process review, startup consulting, political consulting, software, web and mobile app development, and more. Known for his expansive knowledge and ability to efficiently resolve complex problems, Todd consistently delivers impressive results across diverse industries and business environments. His expertise proves invaluable in bridging the gap between technology and business, making him a driving force in any team. If you're in search of strategic guidance, innovative tech solutions, or effective political consulting, reach out to Todd. His unique blend of skills, passion for continuous learning, and strategic approach could be the catalyst your organization needs to navigate today's dynamic landscape successfully.

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